The Loungr Inflatable Chair

Posted: June 09, 2016
The Loungr Inflatable Chair

You've seen inflatables. And loungers. And even backpack chairs. Maybe you've even seen the recent sensation that is the inflatable lounger that rolls up into a bag that doesn't even have to be worn like a backpack, but can slip inside the one you already have. And if you haven't, behold: The Loungr. Available not only for the taking, but for the taking at 22% off for a limited time.

Unlike most blow-up toys, one of the most fun Loungr features might actually be its inflation method. No pumps, huffs, or puffs necessary here. Think more along the lines of filling plastic bags from the grocery store produce section with air when you were a kid so you could tie them off and stomp to pop them. Minus the popping, the Loungr inflates the exact same way--hold its open end, corral a few big scoops of air inside, and then seal to trap it. Having an opening wide enough to gather big chunks of air also means that Loungr deflation takes the same few seconds filling it does. Without the annoying ssssshhhhh! sound.

Loungrs are made of sturdy ripstop nylon capable of supporting up to 300 pounds of reclining, seated, or belly flopped weight. Use it at the beach, camping, or on pavement. If it's a windy day or you need to hit the john, you can also stake it the ground to prevent takeoff. Loungr side pockets can store your phones and bigs, while the carrying bag's attached bottle opener will help keep you hydrated.

Loungrs come in colors Blue, Black, Green, and, for the ladies, kiddies, and unicorns, Pink and Purple.

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