The iFlask

Posted: December 11, 2015
The iFlask
  • The iFlask
  • The iFlask
  • The iFlask

Smokers, you've got your iStash. Drinkers, it's time to get your vice's piece of incognito Apple paraphernalia. In its ubiquitous and thereby discreet glory, the iPhone serves as the facade of subterfuge once again with the iFlask. A polyethylene and polycarbonate liquor cradle disguised as a piece of Steve Jobs legacy, the iFlask was born out of necessity. Necessity to eliminate the costs and occasional parental outrage associated with open container tickets. Necessity to eliminate the tedium of long lines. Necessity to flip the bird at the capitalistic drive to overcharge for booze at sporting events and concerts. Necessity felt poignantly by iFlask creators Dan Novaes and Ethan Hou.

iFlasks hold up to 5 ounces, or 3+ generous shots of alcohol within their smooth, sturdy, nontoxic walls. A sliding bar on top opens and closes the container, and maintains the liquid seal when the pseudo-phones are stored in back pockets, purses, and, during particularly covert missions, against ears. On the back of the flask, instead of a battery that drains and dies every 4 to 6 hours, the guys have installed a stainless steel bottle opener to facilitate the enjoyment of chasers and mixed drinks.

In addition to athletic events and shows, the iFlask makes for a good companion at:

  • Festivals
  • Raves
  • House parties that require a surefire conversation starter
  • Dry weddings (i.e., those held by Mormons and cheap fathers of the bride)
  • ER waiting areas

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