The Happy Sit Kit

Posted: August 21, 2017
The Happy Sit Kit

No, I didn't make a typo. It's called "The Happy Sit Kit," not "The Happy Shit Kit," but, yes, I agree. It should definitely be called "The Happy Shit Kit." At least if this travel case of toiletries indeed does what it says it will, which is make your public restroom experiences more sanitary and comfortable.

The Happy Sit Kit includes tidily-packed packs of toilet seat covers, toilet paper, and Purell hand sanitizer for 911 situations where you really, really gotta go, but find yourself in the nastiest, dingiest, not-stocked-since-the-80s bathroom. Like in a park. Or at my friend Cornelius' house.

The Kit also includes a couple weapons of mass cleanup for use when the bathroom is fine when you walk in, but you kinda sorta destroy it on your way out: Charmin Freshmates wet wipes; and Lysol air freshener.

All Happy Sit Kit items come tucked inside a travel bag you can, in turn, tuck inside your own bag, glove box, or suitcase.

I'm not sure if the Happy Sit Kit is included in the recommendations for How to Poo at Work, but in my opinion it should be. Grab one of your own for 15% off for a limited time.

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