The Full Stack Hacker Bundle

Posted: July 01, 2014
The Full Stack Hacker Bundle

Get the Full Stack Hacker Bundle, a ganging of 8 Web dev courses that include 70+ hours of elite training, for a pittance at 92% off the $668 retail value of modules sold individually! Available for $49 from Dude Exclusives through July 8, 2014.

A collection of 8 e-learning courses comprise the Full Stack Hacker Bundle. Ranging from the Amazon Web Services Certified Developer certification to HTML training to PHP and MySQL for beginners, here is a dream buffet of bites to help you decide if and how you want to hack into the world of Web programming. Bundle specifics are as follows:

Become an Amazon Web Services-Certified Developer. AWS-Certified Developer (Associate Level) Prep Course teaches users the concepts and techniques required to pass the Certified Developer exam and improve a developing portfolio. Includes over 40 lectures and 8 hours of content.

The Complete Web Developer Course. Learn the major tips and tricks necessary to build rich and dynamic websites. Includes over 211 lectures and 18-1/2 hours of content on HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, PHP, and MySQL. Receive a certificate of completion upon...completion.

GitHub Fundamentals. Want versioning and code management skills? In the GitHub course you'll gain the intellectual tools needed to take advantage of both the Git repository and the GitHub community to work with open source code. Includes over 34 lectures and 3 hours of content covering use of the config and init command, plus how to create, show, verify, delete, and merge branches. Users will create a GitHub account and navigate the GitHub UI.

Learn Computer Programming with Python. Simple in cranial retention, powerful in evil genius application, Python is used by the likes of Google, Yahoo, Dropbox, and NASA. Learn to install and set up the development environment and understand basic computer programming concepts in over 42 lectures and 3 hours of content. Receive a certificate of completion.

Marketplace & Daily Deals - Coding for Entrepreneurs. Want to build a user-generated vendor marketplace and daily deals site? Realize your couponing fantasies with Django/Python, Bootstrap, and more. After 68 lecture and 12 hours of absorbing them you'll be able to build a medium where buyers and sellers can engage in commerce, create a daily deals site, and understand the fundamentals of how they work.

HTML5 Fundamentals. Over 43 lectures and 3 hours of content teach the basics of coding HTML for web design and familiarize users with HTML5 development tools.

Master PHP & MySQL from a Leading Zend-Certified PHP Trainer. Learn to build robust PHP/MySQL web applications, as used by websites such as WordPress, Wikipedia, and Facebook. This course imparts the essentials, with training designed for beginners with no previous programming or database experience. Includes over 144 lectures and 15-1/2 hours of content.

Learn To Use MongoDB. Teaches the tools and techniques needed to work within this cross-platform, document-oriented database system. Over 72 lectures and 7-1/2 hours of content, such as how to install and use MongoDB in your applications on Mac, PC, and Linux, are included.

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