The Beer Spike - Advanced Beer Drinker's Tool

Posted: July 20, 2017
The Beer Spike - Advanced Beer Drinker's Tool
$26.99 - $49.99
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Shotgunning a beer? Don't dull your pocket knife, dude, impale that can and strip it open with a Beer Spike. Presented as a tool for the "beer connoisseur" (is that a euphemism for "big boozer?") the 4-in-1 Beer Spike open bottles, pulls can tabs, pierces can tops to promote flow, and, of course, tears a chunk out of a can's side to cock the shotgun.

The Beer Spike has a notch at its elbow for slipping onto your keyring. Keeping it close at all times will ensure your guzzle game is always at the ready. Just like it is with this little buddy.

Note that at printing the Beer Spike was available at a 27% discount for one, and 16% discount for a 2-pack. However, this is pre-order offer only - shipments will not begin until after September 15, 2017.

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