Tethercell AA Smart Battery Adapter

Posted: August 15, 2015
Tethercell AA Smart Battery Adapter

When I see the Tethercell smart battery adapter I think of parents with A) children and B) a-hole friends and family members who buy their children toys that play songs or make animal noises or blow horns. Over. And over. And over. And I think, I guess sometimes prayers are answered after all.

The Tethercell, sold here as a 2-pack, converts any standard AA battery to one that can be controlled remotely via Bluetooth and a free Tethercell app. Even if a toy or gadget uses multiple AA batteries, just one Tethercell adapter fitted over one of the batteries in the bunch is enough to give you complete device domination. Turn it on and off, set a schedule or timer, or adjust its volume via the interface on your smartphone/tablet screen. Tethercell will also send low battery alerts to let you know when it's time to replace the dying AAs.

Tethercell's Bluetooth technology gives you complete control over anything from baby monitors to baby toys, gaming remotes to vintage battery-operated gadgets. Get your set of smart adapters for 45% off for a limited time from Dude Exclusives.

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