Tactical Pen

By: on May 09, 2016
Tactical Pen
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StatGear's Tactical Pen has at least 4 tactics up its barrel. 1) Filled with a Fisher Space Pen pressurized cartridge, this pen isn't just in for the battle, but the whole war. It will fight-write in the rain, upside down, and in extreme temperatures between -30 and 250 degrees F. 2) The Tactical Pen's thixtropic ink is hermetically sealed and pressurized in its reservoir, so it will write for 3 times longer. And a stainless steel, precision-machined socket prevents leaks and oozing to ensure you'll get to use each cartridge for its full life. 3) At the tip of the pen, StatGear has added an ultra-hard carbide tip for breaking through windows in an emergency, or when your writer's block is really pissing you off.

4) Maneuver your mouse clicks correctly, and for a limited time, you can grab your Tactcal Pen here for 35% off.

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