SwingTIP & Live MobiCoach Golf Lesson

By: on June 04, 2014

Club swingers...not to mention club chuckers and club smashers into the sides of golf carts...can all benefit from this SwingTIP and MobiCoach instruction combination. The SwingTIP, a Bluetooth-enabled motion sensor, attaches directly to golf clubs and records your swing. It then sends the data to an iPhone, iPad, or Android for instant analysis, digital replay demo included, of what you're doing right and what discrepancies need attention. The diligent can literally make adjustments and see their swing arc change from saggy boob to big, smooth hyperbola in a single hole.

Combining SwingTIP with an hour's worth of remote lessons from MobiCoach, the package can continue to elevate golf games to levels of pre-marital-turmoil Tiger. Or at least make the best part of your next 18 something other than the bottle of moonshine one of your buddies brought along. A MobiCoach lesson runs similarly to an in-person lesson, but with video and mobile technology connecting golfer and golf coach whenever it's convenient for the Mobi user. Select from options including 15-minute refresher courses that can be taken in the backyard or hour-long, in-depth makeover courses at the range. All instructors are top PGA teaching pros who relay their knowledge over an iPhone or iPad. A live voice over IP (online call between golfer and coach) is also included, as is auto-video sharing of the golfer's swings and putts that instantly display to the coach.

The SwingTIP & Live MobiCoach Golf Lesson are a Dude Exclusive available at 25% off through June 8, 2014. With Father's Day fast approaching, they are also a top Dude Gift for Dad pick.

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