Swiftpoint GT Gesture-Enabled Mouse

By: on July 24, 2015
Swiftpoint GT Gesture-Enabled Mouse
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Mobile device gestures combine with the feel of a standard mouse. The Swiftpoint GT provides a comfortable and travel-friendly alternative to increasing speed and productivity on your desktop, laptop, or tablet. Use the gesture-enabled mouse to enact a full range of commands with natural finger and wrist action, including swiping, flicking, zooming, Windows 8/10 charms menu display, and application switching. The only downside: you'll have to fight the urge to reach for your screen.

The ergonomic Swiftpoint GT design is intended to replicate the feel of holding a pen, and should be suitable for all hand sizes. Its light weight and compactness make it easy to take along to coffee shops and use on airplanes. The mouse is wireless and rechargeable, supporting Bluetooth 4 or an included USB receiver.

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