Supersized ilumi Smartbulb

Posted: February 21, 2015
Supersized ilumi Smartbulb

For those out there seeking Magnum-sized mood lighting to go with your Magnum-sized...heart and desire to sweetly romance your lady friend with no expectations or monkey business whatsoever, ilumi has fed its A21 Smartbulb some testosterone-laced Wheaties, and now has a supersized version of the app-controlled, color-changing LED wonder on offer.

You'll enjoy the same benefits of the original Smartbulb, but in a size tailored better for overhead, recessed, can, or track lighting. The larger PAR30 measures 3.7" long x 3.7" wide x 5" tall, versus the A21's 2.7" x 2.7" x 5", and puts out 1100 lumens of light, upgraded from 800+. El grande ilumis are still 5 times more energy efficient than a standard light bulb and last up to 20 years. Specific features include:

  • Music Sync. Set your light to pulse along to your BPMs.
  • Rise & Shine. Use ilumi to simulate a sunrise and wake up naturally.
  • Scene Snapshot. Create, save, and replay your favorite lighting scenes with one touch.
  • Vacation. Put ilumi on an on/off schedule to make it look like you're home, even if you're not.
  • Individual or Group Control. Commandeer ilumi Smartbulbs singularly or en masse thanks to built-in Bluetooth LE wireless meshing.

Check out supersized ilumi's compatible devices and take advantage of a limited opportunity to grab one for yourself at $11 off retail price in the Dude Exclusives online store.

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