SunLabz Rechargeable AA Battery Bundle

By: on July 08, 2015

Get charged up. Then do it again. And again. And again! Grab this Dude Exclusives deal from SunLabz and you'll get a set of 8, 2600mAh NiMH AA rechargeable batteries, plus their 4-slot smart battery charger for just $29.99--40% off retail value.

The SunLabz rechargeables don't just eliminate the hassle of trucking it to the Target (or Amazon online interface) to buy new batteries for your remotes, flashlights, and sex toys, they also prevent one more toxin-filled cylinder from ending up in a landfill. In addition, this 8-strong set of SunLabz NiMH AAs carries 2 to 3 times the capacity of an equivalent NiCD cell, and will recharge to capacity over 1,000 times.

More good news: also included in the Dude Exclusives deal bundle is SunLabz's 4-slot smart battery charger so you don't have to re-juice by pedaling a stationary bike while holding the + ends to your tongue. In addition to fast and efficient charging capabilities, the smart device also has an LCD screen with charging status readouts. Its slots are designed for both AA and AAA batteries and support NiMH and NiCD types.

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Estream Portable Water Power Generator

$180 - $220 from Enomad »

What if I don't want to disconnect? What if I don't want to see another person for miles, but do want to keep listening to "Love Yourself" and checking to see if Bieber restored his Instagram account? And also have a...

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Optimus Prime Converting Power Bank

$49.99 from Hasbro »

Straight outta HasCon: The Transformers Optimus Prime Converting Power Bank! Hasbro revealed their geek's wet dream of a charger in July, but hauled it out in person Autobot for the first time at their HasCon convention...

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Dummy Placeholder Batteries

$8.99 from Amazon »

Looking to mod your Nerf gun with some lithium-ion muscle? Or maybe just use a single, more powerful rechargeable battery in a device than normally runs on a pair of alkaline AAs? Dummy Batteries mimic the cylindrical...

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Urine Powered Batteries

Yes, $62 for six AAs is steep, but they hold their charge for up to 10 years, and, let's face it, you're never going to have trouble finding a couple mils of pee when they need a reboot. NoPoPos (No Pollution Power) are...

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Tesla Powerwall Home Battery

$3k - $3,500 from Tesla Motors »

Basically if I could be anyone else on earth, living or dead*, I would be Elon Musk of Tesla Motors (and SpaceX). He's incredibly rich, he's had 2 hot wives (#1, <a class="magnific-copy" href="http://media.tumblr.com/57abc65432c9f83fe01ef6515d055444/tumblr_inline_n6qvxw1Dp

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Portable Car Jump Starter & Power Bank

Sold Out from Amazon »

I saw some compact devices similar to PowerAll's portable car jump starter & power bank that claim to juice up a car battery from the comfort of my driver's seat. Just plug one in to the cigarette lighter, chill for 20...

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Juice Booster Phone-to-Phone Charger

$15.31 from Mustard »

Remember how your mama always taught you to share your toys and give to those less fortunate than you were? Remember how much it sucked? Your bratty cousin Georgie getting to play with all your best GI Joes, and your...

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Siva Cycle Atom - Human-Powered Generator

Sold Out from Amazon »

When the Siva Cycle Atom says it wants some manpower, it wants some mother F'ing manpower. (Note: It will also accept elbow [knee?] grease from ladies.) An efficient, rechargeable block of pooled current, the Atom mounts...

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Limefuel Rugged 15,000mAh Battery

Sold Out from Amazon »

Limefuel, makers of the Limeade backup battery pack, have gone Rugged. As its name would suggest, the 15,000mAh L150XR Rugged has the highest Ingress Protection rating in the external battery market (IP66), and calls...

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AMPY MOVE Wearable USB Motion Charger

$101.74 from Amazon »

Still sticking to those New Year's Resolutions to hit the gym 5 days a week or train for a half marathon? AMPY MOVE might not be the kind of dangling carrot that rewards you with a trip to Hawaii or a new car for achieving...

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Limeade Blast Ultra-High Capacity Battery Pack

$39.99 - $99.99 from Amazon »

The beauty of Limeade Blast stems from the suckage of smartphones and tablets. Both that they suck up battery power like a 12-pound newborn on a teat, and that this inadequacy of smartphone and tablet batteries really...

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Hand Crank Phone Battery Backup

$60 from eton »

You know what kids these days need? Manual labor. Because they're lazy. Also, cellphone battery backups. Because they're irresponsible. Also, greasy, acne-ridden pubescent teen years. Because they're a bunch of little...