SunFounder Raspberry Pi Robot Kits

Posted: July 18, 2017
SunFounder Raspberry Pi Robot Kits
$109.99 - $149.99
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The PiCar-V, a robotic car you can DIY around a Raspberry Pi 3 board, is just one of the many SunFounder kits available to the makers and doers and tech-curious out there. Like all SunFounder issues, the PiCar-V is open source, encouraging builders not only to learn about the hardware they're assembling, and provided Python code they're activating, but to take it further with custom Dragit programming and debugging options.

Once aligned and tightened, the robotic car will be able to transmit the images and videos it records rolling through the house or yard via a real-time wide-angle USB webcam. The included code will also allow you to control the camera's direction - and also the car itself - with your PC, mobile phone, or tablet.

The PiCar-V builds with 3 new circuit boards, but SunFounder says it's not as complicated to assemble as other cars thanks to simplified wiring, and the Python code they've taken care of for you. You can get a PiCar-V with the Raspberry Pi board included or, if you already own one, opt to save a few bucks and get a robot without it.

Click here for a full list of PiCar-V specs and kit contents.

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