Striker Spy HD-Camera Drone

Posted: May 13, 2017
Striker Spy HD-Camera Drone

Your ticket to the open skies, or at least a bird's eye view of them, is going for 64% off for a limited time thanks to this Dude Exclusives deal on the Striker Spy Drone. The flying RC copter is encased in a sturdy plastic shell and fitted with an HD camera with built-in shutter stabilization. The drone itself also contains an internal gyro to maintain a smooth flight no matter the conditions, as well as pair with 4 motors to maneuver midair flips and tricks.

The Striker Spy's HD camera can support 30 minutes of aerial filming or up to 50,000 in-air photos. The drone flies more or less out of the box, though a limited amount of setup is required. Drone dimensions are 12" long x 12" wide x 2.75" tall. The transmitter uses a 2.4GHz frequency to preclude radio interference. In addition to the drone, this package includes 4 x spare rotor blades, a USB charging cable, a 2GB micro SD card, and a USB memory card adapter.

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