StickR TrackR Bluetooth Location Stickers

By: on September 19, 2014

The size of a quarter, the value of your sanity. Attach a StickR TrackR Bluetooth location sticker to any important item and maintain a permanent link to its whereabouts. Get a pair of the disks from Dude Exclusives for $29.95, 25% off their $40 retail value.

StickR TrackRs are coin-sized disks that attach to any item--keys, luggage, pets--with which you tend to play frustrating games of hide-and-seek on a regular basis. Used with their Crowd GPS technology, the virtual leashes can also aid in recovering commonly stolen items, such as wallets, smartphones, and bicycles.

StickR TrackRs pair via Bluetooth Low Energy with a TrackR app to provide feedback on their current location. If stolen and carried out of your smart device's range, a TrackRed item that is near another user's device will also appear with GPS information on your app.

Full TrackR features include:

  • Distance Indicator. Displays the distance between you and your items.
  • Multiple Item Tracking. TrackR can keep track of either a single phone or tablet, or up to 10 items simultaneously.
  • Crowd GPS Technology. Anytime your TrackR is near another user's device, you'll be able to see in the app where the missing item has gone.
  • Two-Way Find. A one-button tap on a StickR disk itself will signal your phone to ring, even while on silent, and a one-button tap on your TrackR app will signal your items to beep for easier discovery.
  • Two-Way Separation Alert. If you are about to leave your keys behind, your phone will send you a push notification to remind you. And vice versa.
  • No Recharging. Each TrackR disk lasts for over 1 year on an easily replaced coin cell battery.

StickR TrackR tech is compatible with: iPhone 4S and later; iPad Mini, Air & iPad with Retina Display; and Android devices running KitKat 4.4 and above.

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