Star Wars 3D DIY Metal Sculptures

Posted: September 06, 2017
Star Wars 3D DIY Metal Sculptures

I know it's early, but these Star Wars 3D DIY Metal Sculptures have "stocking stuffer" written all over them. The iconic characters and Rebel / Empire ship models are sculptures waiting to happen too, so they arrive packed flat as a pair of ultra-thin, perforated metal sheets. Builders then pop out the sheets' pieces to assemble themselves a desktop-ready R2-D2, AT-AT, or Millennium Falcon.

Speaking of which, the 3D metal Millennium Falcon sculpture is a way, way cheaper, and way, way less skills required option for those of you with kids, or husbands, who really want the new LEGO Millennium Falcon. $9.99 for a metal Falcon versus $799.99 for the freighter in brick? A few dozen pieces to make the metal 3D build versus 7,500+ to assemble it in thermoplastic polymer? No need to make the season of giving the season of going broke.

Once completed, the 3D metal sculptures stand a couple of inches tall and wide. Additional DIY Star Wars builds include an X-wing, a Tie Fighter, an Imperial Star Destroyer and Darth Vader's Tie Fighter.

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