By: on October 17, 2014

If I'm using an SOScharger it means my phone died. Again. And my backup battery also died. Again. And now all I have left to make tonight's booty call happen are my own two hands. No, that's not good enough, I already used them for that this morning. I'd like a second party involved this time. I've got no choice but to crank.

The SOScharger's handle steps in during the most dire of phone battery fails. Turn it to pump in a charge and generate that bit of emergency power your phone needs to call for help, call a cab, or call in a pizza order. The pocket-sized SOScharger also has a standard 2300 mAh internal battery--enough to charge most phones to 100%--as a first echelon of backup.

SOSchargers include a USB output for compatibility with a wide range of phones, including Apple, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, LG, and Motorola. For a limited time, they also include a 25% off deal from Dude Exclusives. Retail price for the chargers is $68, but you can get yours here for just $49.99.