Sole Fixie & Cruiser Bikes

Posted: June 17, 2015
Sole Fixie & Cruiser Bikes

Venice Beach's Sole (So-lay) Bicycle Company makes flip-flop fixies and cruisers they hope you'll find as high-performing as they are eye-catching and affordable. The Sole Single Speed line of bikes, available in 5 different color combinations, notably features a flip-flop hub to enable converting between single-speed and fixed gear settings. In fixed gear mode, the bicycle doesn't coast, but moves only when a human leg machine is powering it. Single-speed mode kicks in when riders want to breeze down hills or across smooth, flat pavement.

Sole's City Cruisers come in 3 different color combos to match your preferred beach, city, or bike path scenery. They are designed to tackle high speeds in comfort, and are fitted with coaster brakes, springer saddles, and "Cork Gripmaster" grips.

Both Single Speed and City Cruiser Sole bikes are lightweight at around 26 pounds, and arrive 90% assembled.

For a limited time, you can get your cycling fixie or cruiser control with Sole for 30% or 20% off retail price, courtesy of Dude Exclusives.

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