Snowflake Nano Drone

Posted: September 27, 2016
SnowFlake Nano Drone

I can't give it the name it deserves since George Lucas would throw a temper tantrum, but I can say that this is the drone you've been looking for. And for a limited time you can get it for 65% off. Bleep bloop-bloop bleep bloop. That's right, Snowflake, you're on sale.

The Snowflake matches a familiar bright white body with royal blue LED lights for eye-catching aesthetics and easy tracking indoors and out. Its 6-axis gyro technology helps the nano drone maneuver smoothly as it hovers, tilts, and performs 4-way flips and 360-degree rolls at its pilot's behest. A high-speed mode and 2.4 technology are also included for outdoor racing without multi-drone collision.

The Snowflake weighs just 4.8 ounces, with measurements of 3.5" long x 3.5" wide x 1.1" high. It is made of impact-resistant ABS plastic, with parts that should be easy to maintain and replace when needed. Package contents include the nano drone, 2 x batteries (1 for the drone, 1 for the controller), a USB charging cable, 4 spare blades, and 1 prop remover tool. Charging time runs around 40 minutes and flight time 5 to 7 minutes, with a 30-meter control distance. The Snowflake is recommended for fliers ages 14 and up.

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