SmartPlane - Smartphone-Controlled RC Plane

Posted: January 08, 2015
SmartPlane - Smartphone-Controlled RC Plane

The SmartPlane isn't just crash-proof, it's crash-proof as a one-handed operation. So easy to control you can drive it with your smartphone in the right palm, and continue eating the delicious Chex Muddy Buddies your mama made you as an after work snack with the left. The SmartPlane's 0.4-ounce weight even allows for indoor flying without risk of breaking (another) one of her porcelain trinkets from Spain.

Compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones, the SmartPlane features an intuitive app interface with gyroscope tilt controls for conducting flight. Novice flyers can also use the plane's FlightAssist mode for autopilot-like support and smoother sailing. An extra-long battery life allows for up to 30 minutes of use on a single charge. Range is up to 200'/

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