SmartPlane Smartphone-Controlled Aircraft

Posted: June 30, 2014

Get the SmartPlane, the first smartphone-controlled aircraft known to man, for $20 off from Dude Exclusives through July 6, 2014!

Word on the street is that the SmartPlane is not just some dumb toy. Bluetooth-paired with its remote app, RC enthusiasts can not only transform their smartphones into plane controllers, but also make articulated dips and slight adjustments with just one hand. SmartPlane bodies are made of EPP material that is both durable and flexible enough to ride turbulence without crashing.

The SmartPlane app has intuitive controls, plus a FlightAssist mode that kicks in an autopilot to extend and improve flights. Connectivity is quick Touch & Go--hold the phone close to the plane you're ready to fly.

SmartPlanes pair with smartphones and tablets of the following ilk: Android devices with Bluetooth Smart running v. 4.3 or newer; iPhone 4S and up; iPod Touch 5th Gen and up; iPad 3rd Gen and up; and iPad Mini.

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