Slim Timber Wood Card Wallet

By: on March 30, 2016
Slim Timber Walnut Card Wallet

I promise, no jokes about about carrying some extra wood in your pocket. Slim Timber Wallets are all handcrafted in Idaho from genuine materials of Mother Nature. Choose here between Walnut and Rosewood cases and receive a classic, hardy piece with its own unique grain pattern.

In addition to their wood outer plates, Slim Timber Wallets incorporate leather attachments and an elastic strap for securing up to 8 credit and ID cards, or an even fatter wad of business cards. Does anyone still hand out business cards? The only place mine ever go anymore is into a bowl at Tat's Deli that says it will draw one per week to win a free Mile High Sub Sandwich.

Slim Timber Wallets are available for 14% off for a limited time from Dude Exclusives.

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