SkyBell Wi-Fi Doorbell

Posted: October 07, 2015
Skybell Wi-Fi Doorbell

The SkyBell is a wireless doorbell and app combo that connects to your home WiFi and streams live one-way video and two-way audio directly to a smartphone or tablet. Even better, while SkyBell does attach to a wired, mechanical doorbell chime, it will alert you when someone arrives even when they don't press the bell. That goes for when you're at home, and also when you're not, and, thanks to built-in night vision, even once the sun peaces out for the day.

With SkyBell whether you're upstairs, in the john, or out making YouTube history with your friend Cornelius you'll be able to see and speak to visiting friends, delivery people, or your cat who thinks you have nothing better to do than sit around in front of the door waiting 2 to 7 hours for him to finish whatever feline gallivanting and covert ops he gets up to when you let him out. In addition, you'll be sure to answer the door only when the person behind it is someone you know. Or at least someone you're expecting. Or at least a solicitor who's incredibly hot.

SkyBell's two-way audio communication also comes in handy when you want to give knockers the illusion that you're home when you're not.

SkyBell is available for 25% off its retail price for a limited time from Dude Exclusives.

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