SKEYE Mini Drone with HD Camera

Posted: August 16, 2015

Awww, Mama and Papa Drone made a baby. I wonder how that worked. Gimbal attachments, perhaps? The SKEYE Mini Drone is a tiny flying machine fitted with an HD camera. Together they are primed to record airborne stunts and endless Like-seeking posts on Facebook. Only 3 days old, and my little SKEYE has already mastered his figure 8s and pooping while flying over the toilet!

Sophisticated circuitry, a 6-axis gyro, and precision-controlled steering contribute to the Mini Drone's superior stability and maneuverability, and ready-to-fly technology. Beginner, advanced, and expert modes allow all enthusiastic drone aviator to fly it. With palm-sized dimensions, SKEYE is also small enough to take and use pretty much anywhere.

The drone features 4 coreless motors and LED lights for flights after dark. Flight time is 7 to 8 minutes with a range of up to 50m. The front-mounted HD camera comes with a MicroSD card for both still and live-action videos. SKEYE packages include the drone, the camera with 3GB card and a card reader, a 4-channel 2.4Ghz transmitter, a USB charging cable, a user's manual, and 4 x spare rotors. Pre-order yours for 34% off from Dude Exclusives.

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