RuckPack Combat Tested Energy Drink

Posted: September 29, 2014
RuckPack Combat Tested Energy Drink

If anyone needs to reach and maintain peak mental and physical performance, it's US Special Operations Forces stationed in Afghanistan. So a team of them, led by Rob Dyer, designed RuckPack nutrition and energy drink as an alternative to the 20 pills a day they had to take otherwise.

Now, with the help of a couple of Shark Tank Sharks, they're brining RuckPack to you. Get 24 x 2-ounce shots of RuckPack for $45, $10 off the $55 retail value from Dude Exclusives. Know too that your support of RuckPack contributes to the company's veteran program of donating 10% of profits to military charities, as well as offering vets employment after their military service is complete.

RuckPack nutrition drinks have been formulated without caffeine or harmful stimulants so that consumption does not cause the jitters or a crash a couple hours later. Ingredients include: 5g of fructose; vitamins B6, B12, and GPC to produce immediate short-term energy; MicroActive CoQ10 and Theobromine to emit time-released energy throughout the day; and Vitamin D3 to promote energy and prevent muscular fatigue over the long term (i.e., 12-week period).

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