Rubberbanditz Gym in a Bag

Posted: June 18, 2015
Rubberbanditz Gym in a Bag

The mere 1.5 pounds of bands, grips, and carabiners in Rubberbanditz's gym in a bag can produce 200 different exercises and provide between 5 and 250 pounds of resistance. Aren't creativity and physics great? Fitness addicts with limited space at home, plus those who want to work out while traveling or with gym buddy Mother Nature can pack up the Rubberbanditz ultralight and compact sack and enjoy a high intensity gut buster, arm blaster, or all-around ass kicker from anywhere.

At its core, and what will carve out yours, are Rubberbanditz's set of light, medium, and heavy resistance bands, intended to tone and rip muscles without grinding on joints. Use them to assist or add extra drag to pull-ups, pushups, side shuffles, and abdominal exercises popular amongst the CrossFit and yoga/Pilates crowds. The bands can also combine with other gym equipment to enhance powerlifting moves.

In addition to a set of 3 resistance bands, the gym in a bag includes 2 x soft hand grips, 2 x carabiners, and 1 x door strap. An exercise manual and Rubberbanditz DVD will acclimate new users to the band system, and demo individual exercises and fitness routines.

Your Rubberbanditz gym in a bag comes at 24% off for a limited time, courtesy of Dude Exclusives.

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