RoveCam 360 4K Sport Action Camera

Posted: October 15, 2016
RoveCam 360 4K Sport Action Camera

You can discount your action, or you can film your action in 3K and 3D at a discount. The RoveCam 360 4K Sport Action Camera is a limited time Dude deal at 15% off.

The spherical, bot-looking RoveCam is built with 4K resolution to deliver pristine 3D videos and photos, be they of your elaborate spread of jet black Halloween treats, or your trampoline-and-dry-ice-themed Halloween tricks. (Oh, it's gonna be a good one. Only a 15% risk I'll end up with 2nd degree burns too.) Cameras come in a water-resistant casing for snapping and filming underwater antics up to 30 meters deep. Integrated WiFi enables instant online sharing.

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