Rocketbook Microwaveable Smart Notebooks

Posted: September 07, 2017
Rocketbook Microwaveable Smart Notebooks
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Sorry, Ms. Dunkelburg, my brother microwaved my homework. Rocketbook's Wave series of smart notebooks redefine students' excuses for missed assignments. If you write your essay on the pages of a Wave, your brother really could come along, stick the notebook in the microwave, and erase the whole thing. Being able to clear, and then reuse anew, the same Wave over and over is one of Rocketbook's selling points.

It's also your new best excuse.


Another Rocketbook Wave feature is its smartphone compatibility and cloud connectivity. Take a photo of your finished writings and sketches, and everything you've record on the notebook's pages will blast to the cloud for safekeeping, and recall whenever you want. So if Ms. Dunkelburg is wise to the Rocketbook, she'll probably tell you snapping pics of your work is part of the responsibility that comes with doing it in the first place.

To make use of the Wave's microwaveability, you'll need to use the included Rocketbook Pilot FriXion pen. Notebooks are micro-erasable up to 5 times.

For those who prefer the old-school whiteboard method of delete & reuse, Rocketbook also makes the Everlast Notebooks, a classic pen-and-paper experience that, when used with the Pilot FriXion pen, allows a damp cloth to wipe your slate clean. Everlast issues also pair with smartphones and store writings in the cloud.

For a limited time you can get your choice of Wave or Everlast Notebooks for 11% to 14% off retail price.

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