Revogi Smart Power Strip

Posted: March 24, 2015
Revogi Smart Power Strip
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Revogi likes smartness and they like Roy G Biv. The company that brought us this smart LED light bulb now has a smart power strip to match it. Revogi's 6-outlet strip connects to your Wi-Fi network and a Revogi app to give you total power over your power.

Conserve electricity or create an at-home illusion by turning individual electronics on and off from anywhere, or create schedules for appliances to fire up and power down at designated times. Or use the feature to regulate the kids' TV time. Or to play a fun trick on your wife during The Bachelor finale.

The Revogi app will also measure and allow you to view your real-time energy usage to help determine peak and off-peak hours of consumption and electrical pricing. Smart power strips can work in tandem with Smart Sense detectors (sold separately) to control devices based on motion, temperature, etc. as well. Get your smart set of outlets from Revogi and Dude Exclusives at 33% of retail prices for a limited time.

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