Revogi Smart Color LED Light Bulb

By: on March 28, 2016
Revogi Smart Color LED Lightbulb

No, it's not a succulent Russian dumpling stuffed with meat. Revogi is a light bulb. And, like most inanimate objects these days, it's a smart one. Paired via Bluetooth to an iOS or Android device, you can use a touchscreen to command Revogi and change the mood of any room with a few taps and swipes. Control light brightness and color--choose from over 16 million options--plus set smart timers to automatically adjust light levels according to the time of day and lady in the room.

Revogi LEDs and their accompanying apps also include a series of pre-set lighting "scenes." And while you'll still need a dozen politicians, 100 blondes, a priest, a rabbi, and a few firefighters to screw each light bulb in, just the one app can control up to 10 of them. The energy efficient bulbs consume 90% less than traditional units.

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