REMXD On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

Posted: July 17, 2015
REMXD On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

Outside of the studio on-ear headphones can look kind of giant and pretentious. But who cares about that? At least they make it clear to the lady on the bus and that policemen who keeps trying to flag you down that I'm checked out and not interested in chatting today. Earbuds can be hard to spot and often require a tedious hand gesture or head shake to communicate that other people should stop trying to talk to me. And these REMXD on-ear headphones from Tenqa don't just provide a clear sign that I'm not interested in interacting in others, they also strip away the irritating headphone cords, instead pairing via Bluetooth with any compatible device up to 33' away. Another bonus: they're available in the Dude Exclusives online store for 28% off retail price.

REMXD on-ears pump audio for up to 15 hours per charge. They also support hands-free calls and include headset controls for answering and volume, as well as song switching while listening to music.

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