Razer Tiamat PC Gaming Headset

Posted: August 13, 2016
Razer Tiamat PC Gaming Headset

Razer calls its Tiamat 7.1 "the world's first circumaural gaming headset with 10 discrete drivers built-in to deliver the best 7.1 Surround Sound experience." Can we back up to the word "circumaural" for a moment? I mean, we are talking about a PC gaming headset here, so I think I'm warranted to go Beavis & Butt-head for a sec and say: "Uh, they just said 'circumaural.' Heheh, heheh."

It reminds me of this exchange on the show:

[911 call while Butt-head is choking] 911 dispatcher: "Have you performed the Heimlich on him?"

Beavis: "Have I licked his rectum? No, but there was this one time me and Butt-head were playing truth or dare..."

If I were writing a Beavis and Butthead script for Razer and the Tiamet 7.1 it would go:

Razer: "Have you tried circumaural gaming?"

Beavis: "Have I cut off a dude's foreskin with my teeth? No, but there was this one time me and Butt-head were playing truth or dare..."

Alright, enough of the show, now back to the commercial. The circumaural glory of the Tiamet 7.1 really just means they're over-ear headphones. But, like, completely over the ear. They fully enclose them, blocking out the rest of the world, and presumably jacking up your immersion in gameplay. Razer says the headset will also give you a tactical advantage, as you'll be able to hear enemy footsteps and more accurately pinpoint locations of gunfire. The Tiamet allows users to fine-tune the level of each audio channel, position, and bass depth to personal preferences.

Razer is bringing you their surround-sound gaming headset for 55% off retail value for a limited time.

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