Quirky BBQ Bundle

Posted: February 12, 2015
Quirky BBQ Bundle

Inventors' site Quirky has a set of tools here to appease the visions of grilling season dancing in your head. As usual, the site's spins on traditional BBQ gear seek to expand and improve upon the basics--give them a Quirky twist. Specific grill master pieces in the bundle:

The Porter. A set of BBQ prep containers with a serving dish, this multipurpose conglomeration will organize and transport grill ingredients, sauces, and tools so you have to make just one trip from the kitchen instead of 8. It includes 3 lidded containers for separating raw and cooked food, a condiment caddy for a paper towel roll and seasonings, and a serving tray for the grand display of your finished masterpiece. All pieces connect together.

Sliders. Four double-prong, slide-off skewers kabob meats and veggies like the most adept of swordsmen, without the awkward and messy pull-out following impalement. The 2-prong design ensures food remains secure on the grill, even while rotating or rearranging. A heat-resistant composition precludes burnt fingers during grub removal.

The Grill Wrangler. A spatula, a fork, and tongs team up to form this 3-in-1 BBQ tool for easier access and fewer dishes. Tongs have a wide mouth for secure grabbing and gripping of your meat (yeah, that's right), while the large stainless steel spatula's steam vents keep it cooking. The Wrangler's fork has an easy-release button for sticking, turning, and serving even the slipperiest sauced creations.

The Quirky BBQ bundle is available at $19 off its retail price for a limited time from Dude Exclusives.

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