Quirky Apple Cord Management Kit

By: on January 06, 2015
Quirky Apple Corde Management Kit

Inventors' site Quirky has a set of funky organizational doohickeys here for your Apple devices. It's cord management mad scientist-style. The 5 accessories included in the kit help keep everything form earbud cords to jam-packed power strips in check, with each tackling a different tangle-prone iConduit. Specific tidying pieces in the bundle:

  • Cordies for desktop wires. Four tight-grip slots are suitable for USB cords, mouse lines, and even the thinnest earbud cords.
  • Pivot Power Pop pivoting outlets. A movable herd of 6 accommodate any size plug.
  • PowerCurl Mini. Keeps iPhone chargers wrapped up neatly on the go.
  • PowerCurl not mini. Or, the Mini for your Macbook charger.
  • Wrapster for earbuds. Wind them neatly and kink- and knot-free.

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