Quicklock Bluetooth & NFC Padlock

Posted: July 22, 2015
Quicklock Bluetooth & NFC Padlock

With the Quicklock fumbling with metal keys and struggling to remember combinations are no more. In this package, the Bluetooth/NFC key code padlock pairs with either a smartphone or a wireless-enabled NFC card for instant unlocking when swiped. In addition to removing the hassle of traditional locks' required finger manipulation, the Quicklock's built-in wireless capabilities allow access setup on an unlimited number of iOS and Android smartphones. So rather than passing around a code or physical key, anyone you want to have access to your treasure chest of Duck Tales memorabilia can set up their own Bluetooth key with your invite.

Quicklocks also open in response to a pair of included key cards, as well as special Quicklock fobs and rings (sold separately). The locks can pair with an unlimited number of smartphones and up to 50 wireless NFC keys. Quicklocks are rechargeable via micro USB cable, and can hold battery life for up to 2 years on one charge.

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