POLAR Modular Magnet Pen 2.0

By: on June 01, 2017
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The first POLAR modular magnetic pen debuted 3-1/2 years ago, long before the fidget toy craze rolled, spun, and fiddled its way into our lives. So when POLAR released the 2.0 version of its pen and stylus last fall, it slipped real easy into the antsy and anxious hands seeking an outlet for their energy, and inspiration for their creativity.

As a pen and stylus, the POLAR can do your writing when it's time to TCB. As a stack of switchable, buildable, tinkerable magnetic cylinders, POLAR can also serve as an accomplice to your goofing off when it's time to TCB, but you really don't feel like it.

The modular pen consists of an ink refill skeleton covered in 14 rare earth neodymium magnets of body armor, and capped with a stylus. Its 2.0 version features a complete redesign and redevelopment of first gen POLAR components the company hopes you'll find elevate the pen's feel and performance. These include:

  • Ink Refills. A 0.5mm smooth rollerball pen protrudes from one end, and a 5mm fine capacitive touchscreen stylus links up to the other. The pen's body is made from medical grade stainless steel so it will stand up better to repeated POLAR breakdown and reassembly. It is available in Black (included), Blue, and Red.
  • Components. POLAR says they have made "subtle updates" to their pen modules to create a softer, more comfortable feel in the hand both during writing and fiddling.
  • Magnets. POLAR's 2.0 features new hybrid neodymium magnets that have the physical durability of an N35 and the magnetic strength of an N42. In non-Bingo terms, this means they'll last a long time and will lift up to 2 pounds of steel (or, you know, stick to your fridge without falling off.)

Unchanged in the POLAR Pen 2.0 is your freedom to deconstruct and reconstruct it as a ton of different tools and toys, such as a drawing compass, finder of magnetic north, and sweet doohickey to dink around with during meetings or at jury duty. Check out the videos above for some examples of the POLAR's lures for tinkerers.

The POLAR Pen 2.0 comes in Gunmetal, Silver (plated), or Gold (plated) colors. Seriously nifty packaging boxes it up with 2 x caps, 1 x pen clip, 1 x pen tip, and 1 x black ink refill. For a limited time you can get the modular magnetic pen-stylus combo for 20% off retail value.

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