Plugies Magnetic Charging Cables

Posted: January 30, 2017
Plugies Magnetic Charging Cables
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Yes, Plugies Magnetic Charging Cables make it a literal snap to connect and disconnect your microUSB or Lightning device to its power line. And yes, the tiny leave-in port adapter that makes Plugies so swell is also what will make them a giant PITA when you decide to plug in to a cable that isn't the adapter's mama--you'll have to pry it out of your port, and be sure to store it somewhere it won't turn into the proverbial needle in the haystack. Still, if you're prone to yanking your phone off the nightstand without unplugging it, or disfiguring microUSBs and Lightnings through jamming, bending, and foot squashing, the benefits of Plugies could outweigh their compromise.

Also, this Plugies purchase includes an "emergency adapter" that will turn any standard cable into one compatible with your magnetic insert.

Plugies cords are made of braided nylon and anodized aluminum casings, and come with a silicone strap for tidy storage. Cord length is 4'. You can grab a Plugies or 2 for up to 37% off for a limited time.

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