PhoneSoap Charger & Sanitizer

Posted: August 17, 2015
PhoneSoap Charger & Sanitizer

Phones are dirty. And that's just the physical devices, never mind what people use them for. Every cellphone on the block is rife with armies of bacteria and viruses, ranging from the flu, staph, E. Coli, MRSA, and, given our apparent love of shooting the proverbial shit in tandem with its literal ejection, fecal matter. Upon hearing this news, the microbial abhorrers at PhoneSoap decided they needed an implement of germ destruction. A Mjolnir or Nerf Nuke to alter our phones' status as luxury accommodations for stuff that makes you want to hurl when viewed under a microscope. They decided it should charge the phone while killing off its intruders too. Their result: PhoneSoap.

PhoneSoap harnesses the sanitizing power of UV-C light to annihilate germs, and the electrical power of electricity to juice up batteries, simultaneously cleaning and charging smartphones.

The PhoneSoap apparatus is a desktop box equipped with rods of the short wavelength electromagnetic radiation given off by UV-C light. The radiation safely--for both phones and their users--penetrates the cell walls of bacteria, disrupting its DNA, and subsequently killing it. Used in hospitals and other petri dish-like environments around the world, UV-C is 99.9% effective in eradicating bacteria and viruses from a phone's surface. Inside the PhoneSoap germcubator, this process takes around 5 minutes per cell phone.

An acoustic audio design also projects notifications while your phone is inside the box.

The PhoneSoap's charging capabilities come courtesy of a built-in micro-USB charger for Android phones and a USB port to accommodate the chargers of other phones. It is not compatible with iPhone 6 Plus.

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