PAX 2 Vaporizer

Posted: December 07, 2015
PAX 2 Vaporizer

Has Silicon Valley finally tackled--and mastered--the vaporizer? PAX 1.0 and the Stanford Design Program grads who created it set out to make "smoking obsolete" with "superior, beautiful and technologically advanced products." PAX 2, the updated and upgraded 2015 release, might just accomplish those goals. Yes, its price tag is as high as it will make those who buy it, but on the up side, so too are PAX 2's reviews.

Small but mighty is the PAX 2's M.O. The vaporizer measures 4" long, with a brushed aluminum exterior design that's been streamlined to smooth, polished, and purdy. Its Kapton flex element fully heats in less than 60 seconds, and includes 4 heat settings to give you your perfect burn temperature. PAX 2.0 has also been developed specifically for loose plant matter.

The 2.0 comes with social modes and an improved interface, plus a stoner's delight feature: the magic wand will put on a mini light show when shaken. Available colors include Charcoal, Flare, Platinum, and Topaz.

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