Panasonic Arc3 Men's Cordless Electric Razor

Posted: May 31, 2017
Panasonic Arc3 Men's Cordless Electric Razor
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Does Dad need a new electric razor? Do you need a gift for Dad? If you're feeling generous this Father's Day, Panasonic is offering a generous 15% off their Arc3, a cordless electric razor for men, and especially for dads who are still using their Series 9000 Philips rotary razors.

The Arc3 has a flexible, pivoting head that guides a trio of ultra-thin, independently floating stainless steel inner blades. Blades are fitted at a 30-degree angle to machete whiskers cleanly and as close to the skin as you can get without giving yourself a cordless electric face peel along with your shave. The razor also has a 45-degree blade trimmer you can engage for sideburns, beard lines, and mustaches, plus a five-setting comb attachment with adjustable lengths of 1 to 7mm.

When not in use Arc3 shavers sit on a clean and charge station that juices their battery to provide up to 50 minutes of continuous use per charge.

If the Arc3 electric razor is too newfangled and fancy for your dad (or yourself) maybe he (or you) would prefer a classic like the Godfather Safety Razor. Or some non-shaving nostalgia, courtesy of a retro Thick Brick Cell Phone.

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