Nope Webcam Covers

Posted: March 13, 2017
Nope Webcam Covers

Nope magnetic webcam covers are simple, low-profile, and nice looking privacy shields for your smartphone, tablet, iMac, Macbook, laptop, and desktop. Though they have way less flair than my personal choice of webcam cover--a hunk of Scotch taped paper with "I feel the need, the need for speed" printed on it--Nope dots could be good choices if you're into subtlety, and a cover that you can remove and replace as many times as you need to without degrading its sticking power.

Sold here as a set of 2 standard and 4 Nope Minis (for phones and tablets), Nopes consist of 2 magnets, both of which Nope maker Bungajungle swears are safe for your device and won't F up any of its insides. One magnet adheres with a thin piece of 3M VHB tape just to the right or left of your webcam. The second then latches onto its edge to cover your peeping Tom hole. With this method the cam-covering magnet never actually touches your screen, but hovers very slightly above the lens. This prevents any potential scratching or damage, plus lets you slide the hovering Nope to the bottom or other side of the taped magnet to reveal your camera when you want to use it.

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