Narwhal BBQ Skewer Set

Posted: June 13, 2015
Narwhal BBQ Skewer Set

While the narwhal is finally growing in popularity, I can't understand why it's always been eclipsed by the stupid unicorn. From little girls' imaginary friends to disturbing Halloween (or wedding!) masks to unicorn poop cookies, the horned horse gets all the fanfare while the horned whale mostly gets the shaft. With the occasional meme thrown in by the more progressive pop culturists. And narwhals aren't even make-believe. They actually exist, living in the Arctic waters of Canada. Maybe that's the problem. They're Canadian. Canadians never get any respect.

But finally we have here a nod to the narwhal. A somewhat ironic nod given they've been turned into BBQ skewers despite their preference for freezing temperatures, but, hey, it's a start. The set contains a pair of stainless steel narwhals whose head horns spiral out extra far to form your meat and veggies' implements of impalement. They arrive wrapped in a sleeve for safe storage and transport. Each skewer is 13.3" long.

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