Name Your Own Price Dev Training Bundle

By: on August 07, 2014
Name Your Own Price Dev Training Bundle

What's this? Reverse psychology at work? Nope, no mind games or salesman trickery here at all: name your price, and you'll get up to 7 actionable Web dev training courses. That's 93+ hours of instruction on topics ranging from Web design to JavaScript programming, all from the Dude Exclusives online store. A $1,000+ value for...however much you got and want to give.

Here's how it works: visit our Exclusives store and follow the steps in the righthand column to name your price and collect your goods. Pay any amount you want--go ahead, dig into those couch cushions--and you'll get: 1) Web Design--CSS & HTML For Beginners; and 2) Learning Creative Web Design The Easy Way.

Or, opt to pay more than the average price that others have shelled out, and you'll get all 7 Web dev training courses. At printing, the average price was $5.13. So, yeah, if you paid $6, you'd get:

  • Web Design--CSS & HTML For Beginners by Udemy.
  • Learning Creative Web Design The Easy Way by Infinite Skills. Adobe Creative Suite training.
  • Back to School Web Development and Programming by Mammoth Interactive
  • Learning JavaScript Programming Tutorial: A Definitive Guide by Udemy.
  • jQuery Fundamentals Training by Udemy.
  • Learn To Build Beautiful HTML5 & CSS3 Websites In A Month by Udemy.
  • Learning Dynamic Website Design--PHP MySQL and JavaScript by Udemy.

In addition, you'll notice while completing the steps to order the Name Your Own Price Web dev training bundle that you can also select 1 of 3 charities to which 10% of your named price will go to support. They are: Child's Play Charity; World Wildlife Fund; and Creative Commons.

The Name Your Own Price Web dev training bundle is a top Dude Gift for a Geek pick.