myType Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

By: on February 05, 2015
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Another CES 2015 Dude Exclusives selection, the myType foldable keyboard is a wireless Tonto to your Lone...well, actually, the Bluetooth QWERTY companion will pair with all of your mobile devices, so I guess it's more like a wireless Tonto to your Many Rangers.

myType unfolds to a full-size, ergonomic keyboard with desktop key spacing for comfort during use. Its touch-typing functionality makes it nearly silent to type on (ideal for meetings), and a long battery life gives you weeks of output on a single charge.

When you're finished myTyping for the day, halve the keyboard's size with a flip, condensing it into a 6.8" long x 3.6" wide x 0.35" deep unit that is easily transported, even in your pocket.

myType is compatible with any Bluetooth HID device, including iPhone 3GS and later, iPad, iPod Touch 2 and later, Android, and Windows 8 tablets.

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