MiP Smartphone-Controlled Robot

Posted: December 02, 2014
MiP Smartphone-Controlled Robot

You can call MiP a smartphone-controlled robot if you want. But I prefer to call him my electronic sodie butler. I Samsung Galaxy him into the kitchen, my mama places a can of Mountain Dew on his little plastic tray, and then I effortlessly navigate his impressively balanced pair of wheels back to the couch so I can enjoy my green bubbles and 100 mg of caffeine. It's a flawless operation.

Using the free MiP app, the robot responds to directional input from both Apple and Android smartphones/tablets. Using his Gesturesense technology, MiP also responds to hand motions and can detect objects blocking his path. He is programmed to function in 7 different modes: standard RC MiP; Tracking; Dance; Roam; Tricks; Cage; and Stack. Check out the video to see the manmade little man in action.

And check out the Dude Exclusives online store to see about getting your own MiP at 10% off retail value. Offer is available or a limited time.

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