Mighty Marquee Desk Light

Posted: January 09, 2016
Mighty Marquee Desk Light

Lights make it easier see other things, but these Marquee custom light boxes make it easier to see the light. The twist on desk lamps come with 3 rectangular "marquees" depicting throwback graphics from Atari Centipede, Atari Star Wars, and Nintendo Donkey Kong. When flipped on the 15 LED lights shine through both to illuminate your space and backlight your favorite childhood video games. Mighty Marquee Desk Light slides swap out easily when you need a change of scenery, and if you're not into nostalgia or 8-bit entertainment, you can also make or design your own custom marquees of anything you like. Bacon cheeseburgers, for example. Boobies, for another example.

The Mighty Marquee Desk Light is USB-powered, and includes a Micro USB cable, plus the 3 graphic slides mentioned above. Dimensions are 9" wide x 3" high x 2" long. Get yours for 43% off for a limited time from Dude Exclusives.

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