MicFlip Fully-Reversible Micro USB Cable

Posted: January 21, 2017
MicFlip Fully-Reversible Micro USB Cable

Can I get a MicFlip 2...sided? Rather than twisting and fumbling and warping the metal edging of your micro USB cable during plug-in, grab a MicFlip and let the world's first reversible micro USB cable slide into your device's port no matter which side is up.

Dark rooms, bad eyes, and butter fingers all contribute to unpleasant trips to the charging station where tiny, tiny micro USB cable heads must slide with the precision of a surgeon into your phones, tablets, cameras, and GPS machines. the MicFlip fully-reversible micro USB cable makes this daunting task a little more manageable with its versatile design. In addition to the always-up gold-coated, corrosion-resistant plug, the cable has a durable, 6' long nylon braided cord, plus a rubber protector on the connector.

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