Lytro Living Pictures 3D Camera

By: on September 02, 2015

Shoot first, focus later. So goes the mantra to the Lytro Light Field Camera, the photography world's first "living pictures" point-and-shooter that records over 11 million light rays, and allows users to tweak both the focus and the perspective of photos, or view the shots in 3D, after they've taken them. In addition, the living photos don't die once they're downloaded and shared online--family and friends can continue the modification process to achieve their desired effects just like you did.

According to Lytro's manufacturer and God, the nifty oblong camera functions first by recording an image's entire light field--all the rays of light bouncing in all directions in front of the viewfinder--instead of normal flat, 2D images. This capability enables refocusing sleights of hand with simple taps of the camera's touchscreen on whatever part of the picture you want to bring into focus; once imported into your computer, mouse clicks will accomplish the same refocusing trickery.

Lytro's second big gun, Perspecitive Shift, serves to move a photo in any direction to change the viewer's perspective of its supercalifragiawesomeness. It will work on previously captured light field photos, as well as new additions, and can be sampled along with the refocusing function on the Lytro Website.

Living Filters, also included with Lytro hardware and software, assist in creating unique, retro, or 70s porn looks.

The Lytro functions in two modes: Everyday and Creative. The former is a simple point-and-shoot method for the quick recording of life's precious, yet fleeting, memories, such as my girlfriend playing Call of Duty with me after losing a bet. The latter relinquishes more control to you anal retentives who want to dictate blur levels or hug high-zoom shots.

The Lytro Gen 1 camera seen here is available for a limited, 59% off run through Dude Exclusives. It has a 16GB memory and is able to record up to 750 living pictures at a time. Apparatus measurements are 4.41" long x 1.61" high x 1.61" wide.

Note: the Dude Exclusives online store is hosted and managed by Stack Commerce, a third party not directly affiliated with DudeIWantThat.com. All order, customer service, and general inquiries should be submitted through the Dude Exclusives Customer Support page. Inquiries submitted through other contact forms or channels may not receive a timely response.

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