Luminid Touch Light-Up Cable

Posted: February 09, 2016
Luminid Touch Light-Up Cable

I've destroyed a micro USB end or two trying to jam them into ports blindly. You'd think lighting up my phone would be enough to illuminate the inputs around it, but shadows and contrast don't always work like that. Flashlights though, particularly flashlights built into the business ends of micro USB and lighting cables, do.

Luminid makes light-up charging cables so you can see where you're sticking that stuff in the dark. Even better, they're touch-operated to bypass additional rooting around for a switch. Grab the cable and it lights up, plug it in and it shuts off. Another perk if you're trying to sleep or watch a movie, and don't want to deal with the blaze of a 10-second delay (life is so hard sometimes, isn't it?)

Luminid cables are 40" long and come in micro USB and Lightning models, the latter of which is MFi-certified. Grab one for 54% off for a limited time from Dude Exclusives.

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