LithiumCard Wallet Battery with Smartphone Charger

By: on January 27, 2016
LithiumCard Wallet Battery with Smartphone Charger

Wallets' job description just keeps on growing. What used to be no more than a suitcase for cash and condoms has now been tasked with carrying everything from credit and fro yo frequent patron cards to custom-fitted knives to, as we see here, custom-fitted phone chargers. The LithiumCard Wallet Battery is a last ditch reserve of Android or Apple phone juice condensed into a 1.66-ounce plate sized to fit perfectly in your wallet.

LithiumCards come with either a built-in micro-USB or lightning cable and a 1200mAh power bank capable of delivering a 1% charge per minute to phones on their death beds. They also include a flip-out standard USB for self-charging, as well as simultaneous charging with your phone. At just 5 credit cards thick the billet aluminum device should add minimal bulk to your wallet as well.

LithiumCards are available at a 60% discount for a limited time from Dude Exclusives. Choose from micro-USB or lightning connectors in black or silver.