LithiumCard Pro Retro Series Lightning Chargers

Posted: June 07, 2017
LithiumCard Pro Retro Series Lightning Chargers

The LithiumCard wallet-sized lightning charger has gotten a facelift. It looks at least 30 years younger. Just like it did in the 80s. Or how it would have looked in the 80s if portable batteries for Apple smartphones and tablets...and Apple smartphones and tablets themselves...existed back then.

LinearFlux's LithiumCard Pro Retro Series includes HyperChargers with 3,300mAh battery capacities dressed in your choice of a mixtape, boombox, or Nintendo controller threads. The cards' 3.0 Amp HyperCharging Generation 2 technology delivers an ultra-fast charge, while their aesthetic injects and ultra-strong hankering to travel back to the days of yore.

LithiumCard charge / sync cables are retractable to keep them tidy and warp-free, and a tri-color LED battery capacity gauge lets you know when the card itself needs more juice. From both a power outlet and Whitesnake's Saints & Sinners album, please.

Get a LithiumCard Pro Retro Series lightning charger for 50% off for a limited time.

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